Why You Should Always Clear a Downed Tree

August 18, 2023
Why You Should Always Clear a Downed Tree

Sometimes a tree dies because it blows over in a storm or can’t get the nutrients it needs. While this is unfortunate, you need to clear up these trees as soon as you can. Fallen trees can pose serious problems for any buildings nearby and cause issues for anyone in the area. This article will further explore the importance of always clearing a downed tree.

Safety Risks

One of the biggest reasons to worry about fallen trees is that they’re unsafe. The dead tree is far more likely to catch fire than a regular tree, especially as it sits there and dries out more. The longer a tree sits out, the more likely it is to pose a threat to people nearby,

Attracting Pests

Pests are a huge issue for a home or building, as they can take up residence and infest your home. Dead trees are perfect nesting spots for a lot of pests. Leaving a tree after it falls will draw in these critters and can result in a full infestation of your home.

Spreading Diseases

Dead trees can still contain living bacteria and fungi that can spread even after the death of the tree. This is a huge problem, as trees can spread their diseases to other plants even if they’re dead. Cleaning up dead trees can help you prevent the spread of diseases and keep more plants alive and healthy in the long run.

Decreasing Property Value

While you may not care too much about a dead tree on your property, it will have a huge impact on resale value. Your home’s value depends on things looking clean and being as ready as possible for the next owners. If they see a dead tree, they won’t want to purchase the home, as they’ll need to deal with the tree themselves.

Calling a tree removal service when you find a dead tree can help you prevent all these issues. That’s why you should always clear a downed tree when possible. There are no worthwhile reasons to keep these trees, and you only stand to benefit by removing them.

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