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Professional Tree Services

Arizona trees withstand extreme temperatures, monsoon rains, and long stretches of drought. As the Phoenix area continues to experience hotter and drier summers, trees need special attention. ArborCraft’s professional tree services, provided by our experienced crews, keep your Arizona trees healthy and safe.

Every crew we send out has a certified arborist supervising the work. When you notice trees on your Phoenix area property that are distressed, dropping branches, leaning, cracking, or showing browned or spotted foliage, call ArborCraft. We’ll come out to take a look, diagnose the problem, and suggest a tree care service solution that will preserve your trees well into the future.

But we don’t pull punches. As painful as it may be to lose a tree that has been part of your life or on your property for decades, there are circumstances where the only safe option is tree removal. When a tree must come down, either to prevent the spread of disease to other trees or to maintain safety for you and passersby, we’ll schedule the job at a time convenient for you.

Then, we’ll show up when we said we would, remove the tree efficiently and safely, and drill out the stump. We can even suggest native Arizona trees to plant as a suitable replacement.

Along with sun and water, trees need professional tree services, including careful pruning and trimming. Pruning a tree the wrong way, or worse, “topping” a tree where all the branches are chopped off to the same height without regard for the shape or health of the tree, can invite disease and pests, or even kill a tree.

A professional tree service should always perform tree pruning and trimming to ensure that trees remain healthy and thriving, growing into a pleasing shape without risking disease or the property owner’s safety. At ArborCraft, we pride ourselves on our honest, transparent service; fair pricing; and prompt responses.

When your Phoenix area property’s trees need tree care services, call ArborCraft. Our experts will come out to diagnose the problem. They’ll schedule a time to prune, trim, or fertilize your trees. We also provide storm damage responses to clear downed limbs and toppled trees, and we’ll advise you on how to prevent that type of damage in the future.

Arizona trees that receive proper professional tree services can thrive in Phoenix’s climate extremes while providing beauty and shade to your property for decades. Call ArborCraft for an assessment of your trees’ health today.

We Love Happy Customers

We have two Palo Verdes in our front yard and we lost a large limb from the high winds last week. The crew took out the damaged limb and thinned out the rest of the tree's canopies. The arborist Clayton came out the give me a quote and wrote down the specific details for the crew and they followed the details to the t. I feel a lot better about my trees now that the monsoon season is almost here. Would recommend.

Garisson S.

Solid work! If you are in need of a lot of tree service I would highly recommend ArborCraft. The crew got it done quickly and cleanly. I felt really comfortable hiring them the first time knowing Clayton is a certified arborist.

Ryan D.

Love them! They stayed in great communication when some scheduling issues came up. We had them trim two big palo verdes, two tall palms and completely remove two decent sized ash trees. Getting the quote was quick and easy, and the price was totally fair. The arborist knew as soon as he saw our largest tree that it was sick and dead, requiring removal. They're pros at what they do. We'll be contacting them for all our tree needs.

Shelby B.

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