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How Often Should Hedges Be Trimmed?

Jun 30, 2024271 Views

Spindly, lanky, and woody. Yes, this might be the perfect description of that depressing hedge that borders your yard. Hedge maintenance improves the appearance of your yard and increases the worth of your home. How often should hedges be trimmed? We’ll walk you through the details of when and how often to prune the hedges. […]

What Are The Symptoms Of Root Rot In Trees?

May 30, 2024829 Views

Root rot is a disease that affects trees in wet soil, causing their roots to decay. This disease can kill almost any tree or plant. So, what are the symptoms of root rot in trees? They are similar to any other plant issues. Therefore, it can be hard to determine whether your trees have root […]

What To Do With Wood Chips After Tree Removal

May 15, 2024707 Views

Maintaining the health of your trees in your garden is a big task. And if you are planning to get a tree removed, pruned or stump ground out – it is an even bigger task. In this blog, we will specifically talk about the wood chip residue people have to deal with after a tree […]

Can I Trim My Neighbor’s Tree?

Apr 15, 20241361 Views

Are your neighbor’s trees becoming an issue for you? It is common for neighbors to have conflicts that involve trees. This raises a question: can I trim my neighbor’s tree? Instead of going ahead and trimming your neighbor’s tree branches, it is best to manage this issue in a civil manner. Continue reading this blog […]

Coconut Tree Vs. Palm Tree Differences & Uses

Mar 15, 20241060 Views

Many people confuse palm trees and coconut trees, but they actually have a lot of differences. In this blog, we will go over the varying characteristics of coconut tree vs. palm tree. Continue reading to broaden your horizons! Differences Between a Coconut Tree vs. a Palm Tree Both coconut and palm trees belong to the […]