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Tree Consultations and Tree Health Analysis

ArborCraft provides consultations and the analysis of tree health. Understanding the condition of trees on your property is critical to maintaining safety and beauty in your natural surroundings.

Tree consultations by ArborCraft can include an overall assessment of tree health and the identification of pest and disease issues that you should immediately address. 

As certified arborists, the professionals at ArborCraft have the knowledge and training to serve as your tree health experts. While trees signal distress in observable ways, such as dying limbs and falling branches, other signals of stress may not be apparent to persons not trained as tree disease specialists.

When you call ArborCraft for a tree consultation, we’ll carefully inspect the trees on your property and inform you of any warning signs. We’ll create a treatment plan for you and provide a free estimate showing what these necessary measures will cost.

We specialize in serving the Phoenix area, including the city itself and nearby areas, such as Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Chandler, and Glendale. Depending on the precise location of your home or business, a hyperlocal microclimate may affect your tree’s health in a way that trees just a few miles away wouldn’t experience. 

We’ll take note of local conditions, tree positioning, light conditions, and water conditions in your local area and on your property that are important to your trees’ health. We’ll point out any areas of concern and note if your home or passersby may be in danger of damage or injury from falling tree limbs. We’ll also let you know about the potential for damage during storms.

As a family-owned business of certified arborists working in the Phoenix area, we offer deep knowledge and a passion for caring for our area’s natural landscape. Each team we send to care for your property will include a certified arborist to supervise tree care. We ensure compliance with the International Society of Arboriculture’s standards to maintain your trees’ beauty and safety. 

Don’t wait until you notice trees that look unhealthy. Call ArborCraft today for a tree consultation to assess your trees’ health and provide care that can avoid serious problems in the future

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We Love Happy Customers

We have two Palo Verdes in our front yard and we lost a large limb from the high winds last week. The crew took out the damaged limb and thinned out the rest of the tree's canopies. The arborist Clayton came out the give me a quote and wrote down the specific details for the crew and they followed the details to the t. I feel a lot better about my trees now that the monsoon season is almost here. Would recommend.

Garisson S.

Solid work! If you are in need of a lot of tree service I would highly recommend ArborCraft. The crew got it done quickly and cleanly. I felt really comfortable hiring them the first time knowing Clayton is a certified arborist.

Ryan D.

Love them! They stayed in great communication when some scheduling issues came up. We had them trim two big palo verdes, two tall palms and completely remove two decent sized ash trees. Getting the quote was quick and easy, and the price was totally fair. The arborist knew as soon as he saw our largest tree that it was sick and dead, requiring removal. They're pros at what they do. We'll be contacting them for all our tree needs.

Shelby B.

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