Tree Health Assessment in Phoenix, AZ

Your trees need attention and care to grow with optimal health. We work with their team to use effective approaches to maintain the health of your tree. You can call our arborists for an expert tree health assessment in Phoenix, AZ. We will carefully evaluate your tree and watch out for possible concerns. Reach out to ArborCraft Tree Service to keep your tree in shape!

Our Checklist for Tree Health Assessment in Phoenix, AZ

You might not even notice that your tree is in need of help in regard to its health. We can regularly examine its condition and prepare a care plan to address the possible issues. Our strategy is simple: we will observe your tree and give it the attention it deserves. ArborCraft Tree Service is a family-owned business, and we care about your trees just as much as you do. Our highly skilled arborists will thoroughly assess your tree, including the following factors:

  • Cracks: We make sure no crack escapes our eye during the examination. If your tree has a major crack, it could split softwoods, heartwood, and the bark. Trust us to save the structural integrity of your tree with our health evaluation!
  • Leaning: A leaning tree is not a good sign. Our tree specialists will inspect the roots of your tree and determine the right solution.
  • Problems with Root Plate: Your tree can become unstable as a result of root plate issues. We will check for root diseases, mower blasts, or whatever caused the problem. Our professional arborists have the knowledge to restore the health of your tree!
  • Insects and Diseases: Once you trust us for tree health examination in Phoenix, AZ, we will look out for any potential trouble. Our arborists know that insects and diseases can be pretty damaging to your tree. Get in touch with us, and we will detect the signs early, helping you save your tree.
  • Growing Condition: Count on us to inspect the growing conditions of your tree and see if they are up to the mark. The entire tree can suffer from problems due to the environmental factors. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for a tree health assessment!

Questions About Tree Health Assessment?

Led By an ISA-Certified Arborist

At ArborCraft, we have a highly-trained crew who excel at performing various tree-related services. When you trust us, we will use proficient techniques to inspect every inch of your tree. Our eagle-eyed experts will detect any sign that indicates your tree’s health might be in jeopardy.

Thanks to our experience, we have mastered the art of resolving tree-related issues. After evaluation, we will openly discuss the problem with you. Plus, you can ask us for a free estimate, and our crew will be more than happy to help!

Our Tree Services Will Leave You Happy

What Our Customers Have To Say

Arborcraft came out to trim my three fruit trees and three Canary Island Date Palms. Ron King and his crew from Mesa, AZ were very professional, courteous, thorough, and conscientious about adding value and conserving time. Ron was very kind to share his knowledge with me about further tree care and frequency of trimming the palms. The crew cleaned up every detail of palms and debris and left my backyard sparkling. I love Arborcraft and their expert tree services!

Jean Halverson

After speaking with 3 tree service companies and receiving estimates from each, we made our decision to go with ArborCraft Tree Service, Mesa. We were very pleased with the ease of scheduling, communication, and finished work by the crew. We would hire this company again for future projects.

Linda VanAuskas

Keep Your Trees in Excellent Health With Us!

We are here to check up on your tree! Our tree doctors are skilled at evaluating trees and proceeding with effective solutions. You, too, can benefit from our tree health assessment in Phoenix, AZ — give us a call at (480) 999-0575!