Why It’s Important To Prune Your Trees Regularly

April 28, 2023
Why It’s Important To Prune Your Trees Regularly

Trees are important for the aesthetic of a home and its resale value. However, you need to properly care for your trees to make sure they last long enough to make the investment worth it. One important part of this maintenance is pruning your trees—here’s a deeper look at why that’s the case.

Healthier Tree Growth

While trees can grow naturally, they frequently hurt their health with odd growth. Pruning is a great way to eliminate the unhealthy growth of the tree without damaging it. This is important, as leaving it alone can result in dead or dying branches and lead to many issues in the long run.

Weather Safety

Branches add a lot of mass to the top of a tree, which makes it naturally top-heavy and increases its surface area. Normally, this isn’t a big issue, but it can become dangerous in a heavy storm or high winds. The bad weather can cause branches to fall off, and the tree could fall over. Pruning helps limit the surface area and keeps the tree controlled.

Illness and Disease

Trees can get sick, just like people or animals, with disease and fungi. However, there may be cases where only a few branches of the tree are sick, and you can prune the tree to remove the sickness and stop it from spreading. So pruning can be an effective treatment for several types of illnesses.

Sunlight and Circulation

Another reason pruning regularly is important for your trees is that it helps sunlight reach all parts of the plant. Branches can block sunlight and make it difficult for the rest of the tree to get the sun it needs.

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