When Should You Call for Emergency Tree Services?

April 19, 2023
When Should You Call for Emergency Tree Services?

Trees can bring a home good fortune, as they increase the curb appeal and value of a home while making it more beautiful. However, they can be dangerous during inclement weather or windy days. If you think trees on your property could pose threats to your safety, you’ll need to know the proper time to call emergency tree services.

The Danger of Trees

While trees may seem to pose no threat, their large size can cause serious damage and injury if they fall. This can happen easily in storms or if the tree is sick and rotting. A fallen tree can cause a lot of property damage to your house and landscaping.

Leaning Trees

A clear sign that a tree may fall is if it suddenly leans after a storm. The leaning adds pressure to the trunk, which puts it in danger of falling. The more a tree leans, the more likely it is to fall. After some bad weather, you should check all your trees for potential leaning and be ready to call for storm damage tree cleanup.

Fallen Trees

If a tree falls or you find fallen boughs, it may not be time to call emergency tree services. While a fallen tree does need removal, emergency services are only necessary if you can’t wait for the normal response time. You should report any fallen trees not on private property to non-emergency services for removal. If the trees are on your property and you can wait for removal, call a non-emergency tree removal service.

Property Damage or Blocking

The proper time to call emergency tree services is when the tree puts your property or family at risk. A leaning or partially fallen tree can be dangerous, as it can fall and damage property or harm people. Additionally, fallen trees that block roads or pathways are good reasons to call tree removal services.

These services may become a necessity if you own a property with trees. However, preventing these incidents is the best thing you can do, which is why tree care and inspections are so important. With this care, you’ll know the signs of hazardous trees and when it’s necessary to clean up the trees and protect your home.

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