What To Do With Wood Chips After Tree Removal

May 15, 2024

Maintaining the health of your trees in your garden is a big task. And if you are planning to get a tree removed, pruned or stump ground out – it is an even bigger task. In this blog, we will specifically talk about the wood chip residue people have to deal with after a tree removal. While some might resort to the usual practice of hauling or burning them away, there are multiple creative yet practical ways to repurpose these wood chips to your own benefit.

Wood Mulch

The first instinctive thing you can do with leftover wood chips is to turn them into wood mulch around the planting field. This can help provide an alternative to buying mulch from outside. If applied correctly, wood mulch can suppress weed growth, keep soil insulated and water bonded together.

Creative Pathway

You use your wood chips as a means to create exquisite landscape designs. Homeowners can incorporate and re-cycle this wood to construct a walkway to enhance curb appeal. It not only gives a unique texture but provides a canvas to be innovative. You can add borders or paving stones to bring together a designated walking space.

Landscape Filler

If any outdoor area needs a little sprucing up, you can easily repurpose wood chips. This can help cover any low spots in the yard that have or can become puddles. As an add-on, you can put pots, seed plants or add decorative elements.

On another note, if you are left with wood chips you can create a neat appearance on uneven soil beds. This can also improve the look of play areas that can be worn down by frequent activity.

Ask Your Neighbors

If you know your neighbors also actively participate in gardening or landscaping, you can offer the extra wood chips around rather than throwing them away.

Put Around Downspouts

If your roofing system has downspouts that empty water out into your garden, you can use wood chips in that case. You can spread the wood chips to buffer the effects of water splashes. This will help keep away the force of water from eroding the surrounding soil.


Given the high components of carbon present in wood chips, they can be a great addition to your compost pile. They can take longer to decompose but provide great benefits of a nutrient rich addition to your soil.

Use as a Fire-starter

Wood chips are an excellent source of kindling fires. If you have a designated fire pit, fireplace or wood burning stove – wood chips can ignite easily and help you get a roaring fire instantly.

Handling Excess Amounts Of Wood Chips

While smaller amounts of wood chips can be taken care of at home only, larger amounts need professional assistance. Here are some ways you can responsibly handle them if excess amounts!

  • You can contact local recycling centers or waste disposal facilities.
  • Reach out to a wider audience on social media, gardening groups or neighborhood boards.
  • Contact local landscaping or tree service companies.
  • If space allows, spread excess in your garden to let them disintegrate naturally.
  • Put on online marketplaces.
  • Reach out to local farms or nurseries for agricultural purposes.

Overall Summary

Wood chips are leftovers after tree removal. You have an option to burn or give them away. However, you can resort to practical and creative applications such as wood mulch, pathway, landscape filler, and around downspouts.

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