What To Do When Lightning Strikes a Tree in Your Yard

June 28, 2023
What To Do When Lightning Strikes a Tree in Your Yard

A lightning storm is dangerous for people, but they aren’t the only things at risk. Lightning can strike trees, harming and possibly killing the tree. If your tree is the unlucky victim of a lightning strike, here’s what you should do afterward and how to take care of it.

Call Emergency Removal

The first thing you should do is make sure you’re safe after a lightning strike. Once everyone is alright, call your local storm damage tree service to come and check out the tree. They can identify the necessary next steps and help guide you through them.

Pruning the Damage

If your tree is still alive after the lightning strike and can recover, you should take all the steps necessary to promote healthy growth. One of the first things to do is get someone out there who can prune the tree and remove as much damage as possible. This will help the tree regrow as it can heal and won’t have the same obstructions.

Fertilize the Ground

For a tree to regrow after a lightning strike, it can take more nutrients than regular growth. This means your tree will pull more nutrients from the ground than usual, gobbling up fertilizer like never before. Try to provide it with extra fertilizer but be careful not to overfeed it, as that can also cause problems. Consult an arborist to determine the best feeding schedule for a recovering tree.

Extra Water

Just as your tree needs extra nutrients to survive the recovery, it will also need more water to make it through. The exact amount depends on the injury and the species, but be careful of overwatering as it can kill the tree. An arborist can help you develop a good watering plan for your tree if you need help.

Lightning strikes are serious and sometimes immediately kill a tree. But if your tree does survive, use these steps to respond to the lightning strike and help the tree grow back over time. Soon, your tree will meet and surpass what it was before the strike, and it’ll be an amazing story.

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