How You Can Tell if Your Trees Are Healthy

February 15, 2023
How You Can Tell if Your Trees Are Healthy

Trees are large and strong plants, capable of standing up to the worst weather. However, they need proper care and maintenance to stay healthy and remain the beautiful plants you know. That’s why you should learn how to tell if your trees are healthy and when to hire an expert.

New Leaves and Buds

One of the easiest ways to determine the health of your trees is to look at their leaves. A good and healthy tree should always have new growth and leaves when the proper season comes around. Your tree may just be dormant if you don’t find new leaves and buds on your tree when you inspect it.

The State of Your Leaves

A good tree will have leaves of the right size, fitting the standard for its species. Additionally, the color and shape of the leaves should match other healthy trees of the same species. If any of these factors are wrong on the majority of the tree, then you likely have an unhealthy tree.

Extra Branch Growth

Leaves aren’t the only things that grow on healthy trees; new branches pop out and grow all over the place when a tree is blossoming as it should. If it doesn’t have these budding branches, take it as a sign your tree is unhealthy. Branch growth is vital, but it can also lead to disease, which is why hiring professional tree trimming and pruning services is so important.

Signs of Disease

Diseases are a huge problem for trees and their health, especially as they can quickly spread to nearby trees. Learning how you can identify the most common diseases that affect your trees can help you prevent them. The exact signs change depending on your tree species, but you’ll need to inspect them frequently to know how to tell if your tree is healthy.

Trees are great additions to your home, as they add new color and beauty and positively affect your home’s value. However, a dead tree will greatly hurt your home and cost you money to remove and replace. That’s why keeping it healthy while you can is important.

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