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Arizona trees can grow tall or wide and sometimes both. While mature trees add beauty to the landscape, sometimes they can be more of a problem than a boon. Learn about the benefits of tree removal services.

Preventing Injury and Property Damage

Safety is the top benefit of tree mitigation. A dying or storm-damaged tree can drop branches or even topple over, causing severe injury or even death. And you don’t want your car to be the one that ends up crushed underneath a fallen 75-foot palm tree.

Some trees have spreading root systems that search out water, including the water running through your sewer and water supply pipes. Large trees growing too close to where underground pipes run can invade pipes through tiny cracks that become large ones, causing leaks and expensive damage.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

You can see your trees from inside your home, but can anyone see your home from the street? If selling your home is part of your plan, removing trees that obstruct the view of your home from the curbside can enhance your property’s attractiveness to prospective buyers.

Creating a Pleasing Vista

When you moved in 30 years ago, perhaps you could see the foothills in the distance beyond your yard. Remember that? Now, however, the juniper bush that was a pipsqueak is a giant, spreading mass that obstructs your view and makes your home and yard feel smaller. Removing a tree (or shrub, more accurately) like that can refresh your enjoyment of your home by reviving a great view.

Stopping the Spread of Disease

Trees share environmental information with each other through their root systems. But they also share diseases and insect infestations through roots or just proximity. If you have a diseased tree or suspect a tree has been compromised by an insect invasion or fungus, call a professional for tree removal services. Make sure the service will first assess the tree’s health to confirm if there is a problem that could spread, then advise you on the best course of action.

Tree removal can benefit your property in a variety of ways, but safety and curb appeal are probably the top two. Call Arborcraft of Mesa, Arizona, for an assessment of the trees on your property. We can give you advice about whether any of your trees should be removed for your safety and the health of your landscape.