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Trees species vary drastically depending on your location, as each tree prefers to grow in an environment that promotes its growth. So, the most common trees in any city or state are different, which can impact house design. If you’re looking to do something with your home in Phoenix, Arizona, check out this guide on the common trees in the area.

Velvet Mesquite

Velvet mesquite is a common tree you can see all over Phoenix, and they’re a great boon for the area. These trees have a unique needle-like look, making them visually interesting. Additionally, they’re great for the wildlife in the area, providing cover and food for various small animals.

California Palm

Another of the most intriguing and popular trees in Phoenix is the California palm. Even though it has California in the name, this tree can grow in places with access to a lot of water and the right climate. That’s why Phoenix can enjoy these great trees that house plenty of animals and insects. While these trees are great, you need to be careful with trees this large. Tree removal services may become a necessity if the trees start showing signs of falling.

Sweet Acacia

These trees are less popular because their unique shape and look don’t match the picturesque landscapes people think of. However, it’s hard to deny the appeal of the amazing fragrance of these trees and the beautiful blooms that come every year. These trees are quite popular in Phoenix as they need little care or maintenance and can grow well in the soil there.

Knowing about the common trees in Phoenix will help you know and plan around the vegetation in the area. You don’t want to bring an invasive species to your yard, and knowing these trees will help you avoid that. Additionally, you’ll know what to plant to make your house match the rest of the neighborhood as you need. This can improve your home’s curb appeal and resale value if that’s something you’re working on.