7 Helpful Tips To Grow Your Tree Fast!

February 15, 2024

There’s no doubt that growing trees can be incredibly rewarding. However, the process is what makes everything so much harder. You need to have a lot of patience to sit with your plants and watch them transform from a seedling to a fully blossomed tree.

But what if you don’t have enough time or you’re looking to grow a tree as fast as possible? Well, in that case, make sure to read this blog till the end because we have listed out some of the most effective tips for faster tree growth.

Effective Tips on How To Grow A Tree Fast!

Did you plant an orange tree, hoping to get a basket full of oranges the next year? Or perhaps you repotted a smaller plant, thinking it would double in size. If you aren’t an arborist, you might not know exactly how long it takes for an orange tree to grow. Similarly, trees in themselves take ages to turn into their majestic selves. Nevertheless, if you’re not the type to wait for 15 years for a single orange to pop up, then chances are you need to start speeding up the process. Mentioned below are a handful of tips that boost tree growth, producing faster results.

  1. Be Careful When Selecting The Species of The Tree
    When you’re selecting which tree to plant, make sure to go for a species that matches your climate and soil conditions. Opt for species native to your location, as they are best suited for the environment and can thrive with less maintenance. Moreover, some species, such as hybrid poplars and willows, are known for how fast they grow, making them ideal choices for those seeking quick results.
  2. Stick to Specific Planting Techniques
    Following planting techniques can significantly impact the growth of your trees. You just need to make sure that the pot is wide and deep enough to fit the roots without the space getting unnecessarily crowded. Additionally, you can also loosen the soil and add organic matter. This will provide essential nutrients for root development. Water the newly planted tree thoroughly and apply mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds.
  3. Water on Time
    If you want your tree to grow and flourish, be very consistent with your watering schedule. Do not water too much or too little. Young trees require regular watering, as it encourages root growth, and waterlogging can destroy the roots completely. Consult a professional arborist for the best ways to water your plant.
  4. Use a Good Fertilizer
    Fertilizer supplies trees with the nutrients they need to grow healthily. However, to get promising results, you need to choose a well-balanced fertilizer that is specifically made for trees. It is also crucial you do not over-fertilize, as excessive nutrients can harm the tree and lead to environmental pollution.
  5. Regularly Prune and Trim Your Trees
    Pruning is not something you can skip, it is crucial for promoting tree growth. Plus, regular pruning removes dead branches, improves airflow, and encourages the branches to get strong and sturdy. Some arborists tend to train young trees through selective pruning as it helps shape them and prevents problems down the line.
  6. Inspect for Pests and Diseases
    Pests can set your tree back, keeping them from growing. This is why it is necessary to monitor your trees regularly for signs of pest infestations or disease symptoms. The moment you notice discolored leaves or unusual growth patterns, contact a professional arborist.
  7. Provide The Tree With Enough Sunlight
    Most trees need a good amount of sunlight to photosynthesize and produce energy for growth. Make sure that your trees are planted in an area where they can get plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

Final Takeaway

While growing a tree fast requires careful planning and maintenance, you also have to consider the tree type, watering schedule, and health. It is also important to avail an arborist’s services if needed. Nevertheless, if you would like to know more about trees and plants, feel free to get in touch with our experts by contacting Arbor Craft Tree Service today at (480) 999-0575.

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