6 Tree Maintenance Tips We Swear By!

January 15, 2024

Planting flowers and trees may look easy and aesthetic, but the truth is that when it comes to maintaining them, things can get a little tricky. There is no doubt that trees are an integral part of our environment and well-being. However, it is extremely hard to take care of a full-grown tree, especially if you’re not as familiar with it. But don’t worry, that is why we’re here!

Whether you’re new to the world of gardening or you just had a rebel batch this once, we are going to break down and share some of our go-to tree maintenance tips, so make sure to keep on reading.

  1. Make it a Habit to Regularly Prune Your Trees
    Just like how you treat yourself, your trees also deserve some pampering. Pruning is like a spa day for the trees. It promotes healthy growth by removing dead or diseased branches while also improving air circulation. Not to mention it also enhances the appearance of the tree, bringing out its shape. You should prune your trees as often as you can, especially during late winter or early spring. This way, they can have a fresh start for spring and grow healthily.
  2. Try Mulching for Moisture and Weed Control
    Mulching is a simple yet effective way to protect your trees. It retains the moisture in the soil and even eliminates weeds. All you have to do is apply a layer of organic mulch around the base of the trees, making sure it doesn’t touch the trunk. Over time, this will improve the health of your tree and liven up the landscape as well.
  3. Be Very Critical When Watering
    When watering plants, your goal should be to water in moderation. That is to say, don’t water too much and don’t water too little. While it might be tempting to shower your trees, overwatering can cause the roots to rot. Similarly, insufficient water can stress the tree. Be careful of your tree’s water requirements and only give it as much as it needs. You should also consider factors such as species, age, and weather conditions before watering.
  4. Inspect the Tree for Pest Infestation
    Believe it or not, your trees also need routine checkups and inspections for pests and diseases. Being able to detect that something is wrong can help prevent serious damage. Look out for leaf discoloration, holes, and the droopiness factor of the tree. If you spot anything unusual, consult with a professional arborist for proper treatment.
  5. Feed it the Right Kind of Fertilizers
    Trees need proper nutrition, and fertilizers provide essential nutrients that help them grow and develop. However, it is important you only give them the right type of fertilizer. Conduct a soil test to identify nutrient deficiencies for your tree and consult an arborist if something is amiss.
  6. Get Professional Tree Care Services
    Even if you don’t think your tree needs it, an expert arborist will be able to pick up on the small things that you missed. From disease diagnosis to emergency tree removal to bettering the health of your plants, a professional arborist can do it all. That, too, while maintaining the well-being of your tree.

In A Nutshell

Investing time and effort in tree maintenance not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also adds to the overall environment. Nevertheless, for more information and advice, get in touch with our team of experienced arborists at Arbor Craft Tree Service by dialing (480) 999-0575 today!

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