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Tree Removal Service in the Phoenix Area

Tree Removal Service in the Phoenix Area

Tree Removal

ArborCraft Specializes in tree removal in Phoenix.

In certain circumstances, it is safer and more cost-effective to remove a tree than try to revitalize it. Dead or sickly trees can pose a serious threat to your property and safety. An unhealthy tree left standing can become even more dangerous, especially when you consider how Arizona’s extreme summer storms can produce torrential rain and wind. Unhealthy trees often do not last through intense weather, and they can end up causing damage. There are several warning signs that help indicate when you need to contact a tree removal service in the Phoenix area. If you’re concerned about a tree on your property, look for:

  • A large amount of dead or falling branches
  • A noticeable lean
  • Exposed roots at or near to the base of the tree
  • Exposed or deeply cracks in the trunk
  • Signs of leaf loss starting from the outside in
  • Root rot—noticeable through fungi growth near the base or on the trunk

Take action promptly to remove hazardous trees with a certified arborist on site.

If you suspect a tree on your property has the potential to fall or drop limps, get in contact with our professional tree removal services in the Phoenix area. We specialize in the careful handling and removal of trees. While removing hazardous trees, we implement strategic rigging techniques to lower hazardous limbs safely to the ground. No tree removal is the same, and we are prepared to tackle any tree removal, big or small.

Don’t wait to call ArborCraft for professional tree removal services in Phoenix. Let our certified arborists provide you with a free estimate. Call today and allow us to tackle the removal of that unwanted tree!

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